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‘Diversity’ is a personal project we started to showcase that even in an industry like fashion, where most people look at models as mannequins who fit a standard of beauty, there is so much uniqueness within each girl.

Each model came in dressed to represent their individuality. All photos are selected by the girls themselves.Masha Markova is a fierce Russian model who describes herself as sharp, funny and smart.

She believes that it’s much harder for a model to be successful in an industry that is heavily dictated by fame or money. People who have celebrity parents or who are wealthy are suddenly successful models overnight – like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

However, she finds hope in the fashion lovers who find diversity beautiful and demand to see more in the industry; which is ultimately pushing fresh faces to get more exposure.Lydia Carlson is a stunning Swedish model who describes herself as positive, stubborn and energetic.

Having experienced worked with names such as Top Model Worldwide and Vogue UK, she shares her views on diversity: “Nude is not nude. Nude is now a palette of different shades.” I think her words sums it up perfectly.Lila Lam is a striking model from Hong Kong who describes herself as a shy and curious girl who sometimes over-thinks things.

Despite being a local in the city of Hong Kong, she finds that her look doesn’t fit the typical beauty standards and hopes that through time the concept of beauty can stretch to include unique looks too.Irina Logvinchuk is a gorgeous Ukrainian model who describes herself as active, communicative and charismatic.

She finds that the industry is picking up on featuring different kinds of looks with time – which is great! But she’s frustrated that models rights are taken lightly. Even when there is a contract between a model and agent/client, the contract is written vaguely and isn’t taken seriously when a problem arises.

Her hope is that modelling is looked at as a proper career with real consequences if things aren’t fair.Uuriinsaran Purevsuren is a beautiful Mongolian model and student who describes herself as shy, emotional and friendly.

Although coming from an Asian background, Uuriinsaran finds that modelling in Hong Kong is still subjected to judgements. She wishes that the city could do with more diversity and feature more unique Asian faces in their commercials.Kiran Gill is a bold Indian model who describes herself as easy-going, simple and willing to learn.

When asked about diversity she commented: “Every color is beautiful. You don’t have to wear one outfit. Different colors can be pretty, classy, rich, etc.”Anya Tekin is a fierce Ukrainian model who describes herself as active, honest and ambitious.

Although she finds the city too stuck on their rules, she believes that modelling in Hong Kong is easier than in most cities because the requirements of height is a lot more relaxed.

Girls who are considered short overseas are considered tall here which allows for more diverse girls entering the industry.

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